Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hana Fatthia ...

I got married on 3 February 2011 and was blessed with a daughter on 8 December 2011 named Hana Fatthia... here are some photos of my little angle.. =)

Friday, 25 June 2010


I just got a bullshit this evening. Dah la tengah bengang masa tu, kena marah pulak tak pasal2. Aduh... gila berasap hati aku. Meletup2 macam gunung berapi. Plan hari ni nak jogging kat KLCC Park terus terbantut, aku blah. Tak mau dok kat ofis lagi! Sakit hati aku nih. Dah banyak kali dapat bullshit dari manusia ini.


Walhasilnya, aku balik umah, solat asar, mengaji Quran, layan tenet jap, pastu terlelap just before Maghrib (7.15pm), dan terbangun pukul 12.30am sebab lapar. Ye lah, tak makan tengahari. Kena marah tadi pun masa tengah tahan sakit perut, kelaparan. Maka, makan megi je la sebagai makan tengahari + makan malam pada pukul 1am sambil meluahkan perasaan dengan housemates2 kesayangan. Cheriyo!

An early morning note

It's 3.30am here.. I fell asleep as early as 9pm, I do like the fact that I managed to come back home early today, and get my body rest as soon as I arrived home...and could wake up this early.. =)

Time flies so quickly, now another Friday arrives. Friday has significant impact into my life now, it's not because "Thanks God it's Friday!"with a happy mode, but it is "Oh God! it's Friday!" with the opposite mode.

In some sense, I like what I am getting now. Alhamdulillah. My life now is about running after the time. Get things done. Quick. Smart. Laugh. Stress. Finally, smile.

- Must complete task quickly so that I can attend another task I have on my plate.
- Smart in action.
- Sharing the laugh with my beloved companions around me.
- Stress with the workload yet feeling blessed with it.
- Finally, smile for the pain He gives so I become stronger inside.

After all, I do have less time to think about me. How have I gone so far in this career path.. sometimes I am just feeling, I keep walking, running... but with no clear direction. This is dangerous I knew. And believe it or not, it's already 1 year since I closed the engineering books. It's June 2010, going into my 10th month of working life. Hmm..need to make a pause some other time to re-fresh and re-polish the colours of my life and .... just work the plans.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

A visit to Melaka

I went to Melaka yesterday for my colleague's wedding with another 2 friends. The journey started at 9am from Keramat after I picked-up 1 friend, then we headed for Kajang to pick up another friend. To find the second's friend house at Kg Sungai Ramal, Kajang was not an easy task. I think I better plan for "KL/Selangor Tour" once a month after this..hmm..

We arrived at the venue almost 3pm, not to mention how we got lost for an hour... (-.-)

After attending the wedding, we moved in a group of 4 cars to visit a colleague who gave birth to her first child 12 days ago. The son is so small but cute.

Then all of us separated, my car headed for Medan Ikan Bakar Pernu-Umbai- the place I don't want to miss everytime I come to Melaka. Ah, I should apologize to a close friend whom I didn't contact to let him know about my visit to Melaka. My mobile phone was just shut off; and the car charger (and also my brain) just didn't work.. I did not memorize your phone number, dear. Sorry!

How I wish I can go to Melaka again, accompanied by my closest friends...this time really for Ikan Bakar at Alai... Surely, sometime in September or October this year, inshaAllah! :)

Monday, 7 June 2010

Maafkan aku..

Kadang-kadang kerana perkara yang kecil, dua orang boleh berselisih faham.

Maafkan aku... aku masih tidak mampu untuk mengucapkan maaf dan melupakan apa yang terjadi...

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Subhanallah... :)

This is the story how Allah helped me on Thursday evening... Indeed, when we are in trouble, remember Him much, He will help you from the way you do not expect it.. :)

My flight to Kota Bharu scheduled to be at 8.40pm and alhamdulillah, I arrived at Subang Airport at 7.45pm with a help of a close friend who sent me over. Noticing the small screen above the counter showing check-in open for 8.25pm flight to Kota Bharu, I sat down in the designated area, waiting for the next turn.

The screen shut off at 8.00pm and I awaited for the next display. Hesitating why the screen didn't show anything after 10mins waiting, I went to the counter to ask.

"Sir, is the flight to Kota Bharu at 8.40pm still on?"
"Miss, the flight is at 8.25pm, not 8.40pm. We have closed the counter."

"Allahuakbar......" I just missed the flight yet I was at the airport since 7.45pm!

"But I bought the ticket for 8.40pm flight.."
"Do you have the itenarary?"
"No, sorry I didn't print the itenarary.. Ok..well, when is the next flight to Kota Bharu this evening?"
"That is the last flight to Kota Bharu, miss."

"Allahuakbar... emm.... ok"
I was surrender to Allah's fate. There maybe something good behind this.

I moved 50 metres aside, trying to call my friend but failed. I sent an SMS saying that, "I missed the flight.. " I hoped my friend was not far away to come back to the airport.

Just after that, the Fireflyz guy called me. With puzzled mind, I stepped towards him.

"Miss, give me your IC pls."
"Huh? Can still check-in although you have closed?" (giving him my ID card while looking at my watch: 8.15pm).
"It's ok miss. I'll do it."

"Ok, miss, you may go. Please go to the gate now."
"Ohh. Thanks!"

I walked quickly. My phone rang, that must be my friend. Ohh, sorry, can't even bother to pick-up the phone now. Passing the security check, arriving at the gate, but the door has been closed.

"Err, miss..."
"To Kota Bharu?" the crew quickly asked.
"Yes. Can I still board?"
"Yes, can."

Another crew opened the door for me. I walked towards the back door of the plane- being the last person boarding. Subhanallah, in 5 mins, I was in the plane after being denied to even check-in... I even experienced the moment I almost missed the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Manchester,UK; the stewardess was closing the plane's door the time I arrived.... :)

Alhamdulillah, now I'm at my kampong...spending time sleeping like The Sleeping Beauty after two consecutively short week with no quality sleeping time.... and even funny, when I re-check my itenary just now, the ticket I purchased is actually flight at 8.10pm... :)

Sunday, 30 May 2010

It's a long weekend with nothing.

It's the 3rd (and last) day of the long weekend... I have nothing special to post here.. just dropping by after being silent for some time. I did not go anywhere after I cancelled the trip to Johor Bharu last Friday. Although, I planned to go out for shopping at iSetan, KLCC this evening.. I was at home the whole day yesterday, doing work until late night... so it's time to turn the town red!

Yet, I'm not currently feeling good inside ... don't know why this uncomfortable feeling came across suddenly.. is it due to the work load which I have been facing/carrying these days? I hope not. I need to be strong for at least the next 4 days ahead, then I'll be leaving for my hometown for 3 day holiday this Thursday..(Friday June 4 is a replacement holiday for the company where I'm working with).

Well, no. Actually it is only 2 days which I call "holiday" that I can effectively spend with my family, coz I'll be spending half of Sunday, June 6 on the road. Traveling from Kelantan to Kuala Lumpur takes 8-9 hours journey by bus; departing at 8.30am and arriving at 5.30pm. Taking plane is not an option to me due to the expensive flight ticket price. RM 150-180 one way journey including tax is crazy. Wait until 9 years of working, then the ticket price will not be a matter to me anymore. Perhaps.